Troop 909 in Woodinville, Washington

Troop 909...BOOYAH!

Welcome.  If you are looking for a great Scouting experience with a truly boy-led Troop, you've found it.

Troop 909 meets on Tuesday nights in Woodinville Washington.  We are big enough to have lots of activities and opportunities to have fun, but small enough that we can take a "family" approach to Scouting where all the boys get to know each other.  This creates an ideal way for our Scouts to learn new skills, develop self confidence, and become leaders, all in a safe environment that features the outdoors.

You may be wondering about the "booyah" in our site name.  Well, we have this tradition in Troop 909 of yelling "BOOYAH!" after our Senior Patrol Leader yells "TROOP 909!"  It's part of our identity - kind of our Troop yell.  Any time you're at a Scouting event, you're likely to hear it, whether it's summer camp, Klondike or Camporee.

This site  is designed to help you learn more about Boy Scouts and what makes Troop 909  different.  Of course, the best way to get to know us is to stop by one of our Troop meetings, campouts or other activities, so please don't hesitate to click on "Contact 909" to get in touch with our Scoutmaster to schedule a visit.

Thanks for visiting. . . . . . BOOYAH!