What do you want to do today?

How about. . .  light a fire, camp in the woods, hike up a mountain, ride a bike 50 miles, play in the snow, swim in a lake, climb a wall, learn to shoot, skipper a sailboat, shoot the rapids, run in showshoes, catch some fish, whittle something, tie a knot, sing a camp song . . . . or  JUST HAVE FUN!!

We camp every month, go on hikes, backpacking trips and bike rides.  We are a boy-led troop, so if there is something special you want to do, just say the word and we'll help you organize the activity.   There are several things we do every year (see the list below) and we're always open to new ideas.

Annual Activities

Summer Camp The Pacific Northwest boasts some of the premier Boy Scout resident camps in the country.  Every summer about 30 Scouts spend a week at camp working merit badges, rank advancement and having fun.  You can learn to shoot a rifle or shotgun, become a lifeguard, take small boat sailing, climb a wall, forge some iron, or any one of dozens of activities.
Klondike In January we head to the mountains to push our Klondike sleds through the snow and take part in this annual winter competition.  Scouts get to show their skills at ten events including team snowshoe, building a shelter from the storm, river crossing (with just an overhead rope), figure eight race, first aid and the ever popular fire building.  Troop 909 has taken first place the past three years, with three to four "sleds" taking part out of about 30 overall.
Camporee Springtime means Camporee, which is a snowless version of Klondike.  Patrols take part in events like rifle shooting, archery, tomahawk throwing, knot tying and a relay race.  Troop 909 took second last year, and first the year before - this is great fun for every team.
Merit Badge Weekend In May we host a two night campout with nearly 200 Scouts at the Mountain Meadows facility in Duvall.  The focus is earning merit badges, with upwards of thirty classes being taught on Saturday.  Scouts can earn two or three badges, and have a lot of fun with the annual relay race and campfire.
Sail to Blake Island Every June we meet at the University of Washington docks and climb into sailboats to make the 3-4 hour trip down to Blake Island.  Scouts get to skipper the boats (with adult supervision of course) as we head out through the Ballard Locks and make our way through Puget Sound.  This is one of our signature events that most Scouts cite as their favorite.  Once we arrive at Blake Island, Scouts get to go on hikes, beachcomb or just hang out playing Frisbee. 
High Adventure Once a Scout reaches the age of 13, he can participate in "high adventure" activities, and every year our older boys get to choose an event.  Lately they have all involved water - sailing at the BSA Seabase in Florida, canoeing at Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island in California, and white water rafting in Idaho.  Options include challenging hikes around Mt. Rainier, going to Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico, or other activities that challenge an older Scout's skills.
Leadership Training In November we head down to Camp Sheppard to conduct leadership training so all our Scouts learn how to become Patrol Leaders.  Of course we combine classroom training with fun outdoor activities.  The boys spend one afternoon working on the annual calendar, picking out the activities they will take part in over the next year, and assigning a Scout to plan event, along with an adult advisor.